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Sigurd Olsen Endowment

Sigurd Olsen

The Sigurd Olsen Endowed Scholarship provides assistance to undergraduate science majors in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington.

Sigurd Otto Maglegaard Olsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1908. Economic pressures forced him to leave school at 15 and he began a career in the Department of Social Welfare in Copenhagen. Unable to pursue a formal university education, he worked in his spare hours in botany and biology, specializing in limnology.

In 1939, the University of Copenhagen recognized his contributions to the field, awarding him the gold medal in botany for his study of charophytes, published through the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences. He continued his University of Copenhagen affiliation until he married Ingrith Deyrup and emigrated to the United States in 1963.

For the next seven years, he worked as a biologist and research assistant professor in the UW School of Fisheries. After retiring in 1970, he devoted himself full time to biological studies and photography, developing techniques for capturing subjects too large for photomicrography but too small for standard photography. Much of his scientific work was carried out at Bear Lake on the Kitsap Peninsula and focused on the ground cone Boschniakia hookeri, pictured at the bottom of the page. He died in 1980.

Ingrith Deyrup-Olsen

Professor Emeritus Ingrith Deyrup-Olsen and 2002 scholars David Hiller, Beth Dallman and Natalia Ospina

Ingrith Deyrup-Olsen, professor emeritus of zoology, joined the UW faculty in 1964. A recipient of UW's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1988, she worked tirelessly until her death in 2004 to expand educational and research opportunities for students, especially for women and minorities.

By establishing the Sigurd Olsen Scholarship, she sought to make college education accessible to talented students who might not otherwise be able to attend the University of Washington.

Past scholarship recipients and their majors:

Alexis Hooper - Biochemistry/Physics
Christine Ma - Mathematics/Physics
Orlala Wentink - Mathematics/Physics

Shane Colburn - Biology
Amanda Sams - Astronomy
Judy Twedt - Physics

Mikaela Hertel - Mathematics
Kathleen Moore - Mechanical Engineering
Connie Tang - Chemistry

Constance Ozimek - Physics
Johannah Verhulst - Biology

Andrew Chesterfield - Biology
David Englund - Mathematics/Statistics
Jessica Warner - Biochemistry
James Wong - Mathematics/Science

Vida Lou Ahyong - Microbiology
Theodore Newell - Engineering
Christopher Raastad - Mathematics/Physics

Elizabeth Korsmo - Chemistry/Mathematics
Alyssa Sheih - Bioengineering/Mathematics

David Englund - Mathematics
Toby McLeod - Oceanography
Darcey Taggart - Space Science

Alexander Mendez - Physics/Mathematics
Kent van Alstyne - Physics/Genetics
Katherine Liu - Chemistry/Physics
Sam Burden - Mathematics

Katherine Liu - Chemistry/Physics
Alexander Mendez - Physics/Mathematics
Elena Wagner - Mathematics

Noah Giansiracusa - Physics

David Hiller - Mathematics
Beth Dallman - Biology
Natalia Ospina - Zoology

Morgan Herzog - Astronomy

Sudhi Tyagi - Astronomy and Physics

Brian Scansen - Zoology and Oceanography

Sarah Nielson - Botany

Sarah Sager - Biochemistry

Melissa Guerrero - Biology

Boschniakia hookeri

Boschniakia hookeri Walp. (Orobanchaceae) is a perennial root parasite, growing on certain Ericaceae, and with a restricted westerly distribution on the North American continent.