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On Friday, August 19, 2020, Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium celebrated a summer of research with a daylong event featuring both our students’ work as posters and presentations and an exciting showcase of teams running the Artemis Lunar Lava Tube Exploration Challenge (LLTEC)!

The events

Posters & presentations

The poster session was in the traditional format, with displays of printed research posters and students on-site to discuss their work. Presentations were delivered both in-person as well as virtually with students Zoom-ing from around the state.

Artemis LLTEC teams

The Lunar Lava Tube Exploration Challenge was one of NASA’s Artemis Challenges for 2022–2023. The question posed was: “How would YOU go about exploring the moon’s lava tubes in order to turn them into crew habitats?” Student teams faced the challenge course — a model of a lava tube — to see how their robotic rover and programmatic solutions fared in exploring a (simulated) lunar environment.

The program

Our full program is now available as a downloadable PDF.


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Complete listing of projects

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Project TitleTimeLocationZoomPDFWASGC AffiliateStudent(s)Mentor(s)Department
The effect of rugose small colony variants on Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dispersion10:00 AMHUB 238ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonAngel ReddyMatthew Parsek, Courtney KleeschulteMicrobiology
Clustering Spectral Noise in the search for gravitational waves10:20 AMHUB 238ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonAthena BachesJoey Key, Ansel NeunzertUW Bothell — Division of Physical Sciences
Negative 4D Photo-Patterning to Control Cell Activity in Hydrogels10:40 AMHUB 238ZoomPoster not published.University of WashingtonAnnabella LiCole DeForestChemical Engineering & Bioengineering
Recycling Expired Carbon Fiber Prepreg Material11:00 AMHUB 238ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonAreesa TrevinoNavid ZobeiryMaterials Science and Engineering
4D Protein Photoactivation in Biomaterials and Living Cells12:30 PMHUB 238ZoomPoster not published.University of WashingtonKathy DoCole DeForestChemical Engineering & Bioengineering
Optimizing 3D Printed Tourniquets for Immediate Aid in Ukraine12:50 PMHUB 238ZoomNo poster available.University of WashingtonTosh Kaneala Brown-MooreJeff LiptonMechanical Engineering
A New Spin On Modern Rocketry1:10 PMHUB 238ZoomPDFSeattle Central CollegeStephen Cushing, Daniel Johnson, Brennen Johnston, Parker SchulmerichJohn CorreyAeronautics & Astronautics
Understanding Ice Temperature in Ice Streams in Antarctica and Greenland1:30 PMHUB 238ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonJonathan Ortiz-CandelariaTJ Fudge, Ben HillsEarth and Space Sciences
Measuring the Electron Density of Z-Pinch Plasmas on the ZaP-HD Experiment10:00 AMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonHarry Furey-SoperUri ShumlakAeronautics & Astronautics
Optimizing Spaceflight Trajectories Using Genetic Algorithms10:20 AMHUB 307ZoomPoster published.Whitworth UniversityMargaret Fairborn, Caleb Flegel, and Connor FloreyKamesh Sankaran 
Single Platelet Spreading on Key Proteins10:40 AMHUB 307ZoomPoster not available at time of publication.University of WashingtonFrancisco MoralesWendy ThomasBioengineering
Mechanical and Thermal Modeling of a High Pulse Rate Inductive Thruster11:00 AMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonJacob SawyerJustin LittleAeronautics & Astronautics
Insect-Scale, Low-Power Olfactory-Based Sensing with Artificial Intelligence12:30 PMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonMaitri DedhiaVikram IyerComputer Science and Engineering
A novel zebrafish mutant to elucidate the consequences of Wnt16 cysteine deletion12:50 PMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonEmily RamirezRonald KwonOrthopaedics and Sports Medicine
University of Washington – Industrial Assessment Center1:10 PMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonCaitlin DeShazo-Couchot, Harris Nakajima, Jack PhilbrickAlexander MamishevElectrical and Computer Engineering
Fighting Vibrations With Vibrations: Towards Self Optimized Aerospace Structures1:30 PMHUB 307ZoomPDFUniversity of WashingtonRoger ColglazierEd HabtourAeronautics & Astronautics
A Data Assimilation-Based Twentieth Century Climate Reconstruction Framework for Identifying Antarctic Ice Core Sites   PDFUniversity of WashingtonAdvik EswaranTJ FudgeEarth and Space Sciences
Analyzing a Winter Cyclone with Snowbands During the Investigation of Microphysics and Percipitation for Atlantic Coast-Threatening Snowstorms (IMPACTS) Campaign   PDFUniversity of WashingtonSarah PhillipsLynn McMurdieAtmospheric Sciences
Analyzing the Position and Distribution of Centriolar Satellites​   PDFWestern Washington UniversityElizabeth Cameron, Jonah GoodfriedNick Galati​Biology
Cellular Requirements for KSHV Latent Infection   PDFUniversity of WashingtonJessica LeeMichael LagunoffMicrobiology
Characterizing Vascular Organoids with Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL)  PDFUniversity of WashingtonSolhee JinYing ZhengBioengineering
Construction & Integration of Fiber Optics Test Stands and Solutions  PDFUniversity of WashingtonDaniel Schweizer, Benjamin HerreraSarah Tuttle, Travis MandevilleAstronomy
Demonstrating and Evaluating Quantum Key Distribution  PDFUniversity of WashingtonSuhani JainKai-Mei FuElectrical and Computer Engineering
Developing a Graphical User Interface for Nanosecond Pulsers   PDFUniversity of WashingtonSophia Anderson, Elijah Carino, Ian Rain-Water, Jakob ZurawEagle Harbor Technologies 
Fabrication of Liquid-Filled Voronoi Foams For Impact Absorption Using Material Jetting Technology  PDFUniversity of WashingtonTosh Kaneala Brown-MooreJeff LiptonMechanical Engineering
Genomic analysis of cyanobacteria from the world’s largest Oxygen Deficient Zone  Poster not available at time of publication.University of WashingtonCristian SwiftGabrielle RocapSchool of Oceanography
Guns… that save lives!? Fluid dynamics of vaccine Gene Guns   PDFUniversity of WashingtonTreyson GleichOwen WilliamsAeronautics & Astronautics
ICESat-2 Observations of Ice Shelf Fracture   PDFUniversity of WashingtonAidan DealyBrad LipovskyEarth and Space Sciences
Investigating Fundamental Toughening Mechanisms in Nanocellular Foams   PDFUniversity of WashingtonRyleigh WestonMarco Salviato, Aeronautics & Astronautics; Lucas Meza, Mechanical Engineering; Vipin Kumar, Mechanical Engineering 
LOST: Open-Source Star Tracker   PDFUniversity of WashingtonKaren Haining, Kenneth Yang, Edward ZhangKristi MorgansenAeronautics & Astronautics
Non-Native Oyster Performance in the Anthropocene   PDFUniversity of WashingtonEmma BeckJennifer RuesinkBiology
Quantifying Single Photon Purity in a Commercial Quantum Teaching Apparatus   PDFUniversity of WashingtonHelen LaiKai-Mei FuElectrical and Computer Engineering
Relative Proximity Operations Testbed   PDFUniversity of WashingtonKaylee Hudson and Harry Furey-SoperKristi MorgansenAeronautics & Astronautics
SOPhy: Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Database   PDFUniversity of WashingtonAyush NagHannah Joy-WarrenSchool of Oceanography
Studying Extremely High-Velocity Outflows in Sloan Digital Sky Survey   PDFUniversity of WashingtonVeronica Powell, Tzitzi Romo Perez, Easton PiercePaola Rodriguez HidalgoUW Bothell — Division of Physical Sciences
Temperature Amplitude and Isotope Diffusion in Firn  PDFUniversity of WashingtonCody CruzTJ FudgeEarth and Space Sciences
The effect of Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology on the foraging success of individual harbor seals  PDFWestern Washington UniversityKate Clayton, Kathleen McKeeganAlejandro Acevedo-GutiérrezBiology