In space and on the ground, informatics alum has high aspirations

/ January 13, 2022/ Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Scholars, Profiles

Shannon Gatta’s work is out of this world. Gatta, who graduated from the iSchool in 2020 with a degree in Informatics, works as a data engineer for the private aerospace company Blue Origin, has completed the first level of private astronaut training, and has interned at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Langley Research Center. For academic year 2019-2020, Gatta was the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation scholar at UW.

WSGC programs for incoming undergraduates at UW remove letters of reference requirement

/ June 18, 2021/ Announcements, Studentships

The Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce that our University of Washington scholarship programs for incoming undergraduates will no longer require letters of reference as part of the application process. This change is effective immediately for our scholarships for community college transfer applicants and for first-year student applicants.

2020-2021 Application open for UW first-year students

/ November 13, 2019/ Announcements, Studentships

The Washington Space Grant Consortium is now accepting applications for the UW Scholars for First-Year Students program. In addition to financial support: The Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium program at UW is designed to create a small college atmosphere within the larger university. Read details on the program on its About page and information on applying on the FAQ. Applications

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