Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium

WSGC Private Industry Internships

New! Winter, spring and summer internship applications are open for M42 Technologies.

Erica Capalungan at Aerojet

Washington NASA Space Grant is pleased to invite undergraduates and graduate students from our consortium member colleges and universities to apply for summer internships with our local industry partners.

These internships enable students to concentrate on research activities that supplement their academic coursework and help to prepare them for careers in NASA-related fields.

Awards: All internships are paid experiences. Compensation may vary. See individual applications for more details.

Eligibility: The awards are open to juniors, seniors and graduate students in good academic standing. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and enrolled full time in a Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium member institution.

Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Student Programs Coordinator Isabel Carrera Zamanillo at the main WSGC office, 206-543-1943, or via email at micz@uw.edu.

Application Deadline and Procedures: Application deadlines are set by the participating companies and institutes. Please read the application guidelines carefully. Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed.

Students who are awarded internships will be contacted directly by their employer.

NoteIf you receive an internship, you will be named a Space Grant Scholar. Upon completion of your internship you will be expected to present your work in a public exhibit in a poster format (time and place tbd) and submit a written end-of-project report.

As part of the long-term assessment of this program, we also require that you to maintain a current address and student or employment status with the Washington Space Grant office, updated on an annual or as-needed basis.

Aerojet Logo

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Application deadline: CLOSED

Aerojet is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader, specializing in rocket and missile propulsion.

Eagle Harbor Technologies Logo

Eagle Harbor Technologies

Application deadline: CLOSED

Eagle Harbor Technologies, based in Seattle, is dedicated to producing innovative solutions to technological problems relating to plasma science including in-space electric propulsion, fusion energy development, and plasma sources for materials processing.

M42Tech Logo

M42 Technologies

Application deadline: OPEN

M42Tech, located in Seattle, focuses on developing advanced technologies for space and airborne systems, and in particular small satellites and unmanned aerial systems. Key technology areas include RF systems, navigation, communication, signal analysis and processing, high performance electronics, and high performance computing. The company’s R&D is funded by commercial customers, as well as NASA and the Department of Defense.

Length of internship: Winter, Spring or Summer Quarters

To apply: Internship applicants should include a cover letter and resume. For more information, please download the M42Technologies internship flier.

Note Applicants should include a sentence stating that you are applying through Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium in the section on your research and career goals.

Also, please e-email Student Programs Coordinator Isabel Carrera Zamanillo at micz@uw.edu to inform Washington NASA Space Grant that you are applying for this internship.



Application deadline: CLOSED

MSNW, based in Redmond, is a small research and development firm space propulsion technologies that will dramatically increase the operational capabilities of spacecraft in traditional roles and enable more ambitious missions.The company has R&D contracts through the following government agencies: Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and NASA, among others.

Tethers Unlimited Inc. Logo

Tethers Unlimited Inc.

Application deadline: CLOSED

TUI, based in Bothell, develops advanced space technologies for NASA and the Department of Defense. Their areas of research include advanced space propulsion, avionics and space instrumentation, underwater tether systems, and the fabrication and testing of spacecraft components.

Woodruff Scientific Inc. Logo

Woodruff Scientific Inc.

Application deadline: CLOSED

Woodruff Scientific Inc. is a small research & development company, based in Fremont, conducting experimental and computational research in fusion energy science.