Welcome to the pages for Washington Space Grant Consortium internal use.

If you want to access the intranet, follow this link (note that the intranet is login protected): https://depts.washington.edu/wasgc/

Feb. 2023 ISS Downlink — question submission

On February 10, 2023, the UW will host a downlink with astronauts aboard the International Space Station. During the downlink, the astronauts will answer questions submitted by students from Washington state schools. Submit your question here for a chance to ask an astronaut! Questions will be selected in advance and must be pre-recorded as a video to submit to NASA.

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NASA media release forms

The NASA media release form is required for all students who receive funding through Washington Space Grant and for anyone whose face or voice appears in a photo or video. Download the forms from this page.

NASA student profile form

To finalize your funding from Washington Space Grant, please complete this student profile form below. NASA requires this information from all students who receive funding through its Space Grant program.

WSGC support request

If you are receiving funding through Washington Space Grant Consortium and need to request support (such as rocketry or HAB supplies, student stipends, a technical workshop, &c.), please complete this form.