To finalize your funding from Washington Space Grant, please complete the student profile form below. NASA requires this information from all students who receive funding through its Space Grant program. You must complete this form (including a new media release form) every year that you receive WSGC funding.

As part of completing this profile form, you must also upload a completed copy of NASA’s media release form. The form is available as a PDF that you can fill out and sign electronically. Save a copy to your computer, then upload that when you arrive at the upload screen at the end of the profile form.

Download the media release form that is appropriate to your age. If you are currently under 18, you must have a parent or guardian complete the form with you.

About the student profile form

There are three pages to the form. The first page, as you can see below, covers your contact information as well as demographic information. These demographics questions are the standardized questions used by the U.S. federal government. We’re required to collect this information so that NASA can evaluate how well our program is meeting its goals.

Page two covers details about your specific award from Washington Space Grant, including what period your funding covers, how much your award amount is, and whether your award funded you in working on a research project.

Page three is where you will upload your completed media release form as a PDF. You will receive an on-screen confirmation once your form has been successfully submitted.

If you have any questions, please email us:

NASA student profile form (for 2022–2023 & 2023–2024)

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Student information

Please provide a middle name or initial, if you have one. If you do not have a name that you’d consider a “middle” name, please enter N/A. We ask for this simply because it can help us differentiate between students with very similar names.

Contact information

We use your mailing address to identify your congressional district (if you’re a Washington state student). Congressional representatives love to know how many students from their districts received Space Grant support. Very occasionally we may need to mail something to you, but this is pretty rare.
This email should be the address that you use regularly, so that the Washington Space Grant Consortium office can contact you if we have questions. This can be either your school address or a personal one.
This email should be a back-up address in case we can’t reach you using your primary address. If you provided a school email address for your primary email above, please enter a non-school email here.

Demographic information

A First-Generation student is someone whose parents did not receive a bachelor’s degree. For finer clarification, we recommend the FAQ on this page: