If you are a Washington Space Grant Consortium affiliate or collaborative partner, this form is for you. If your organization is receiving funding from WSGC through a competitive proposal, this form is for you.

If you are not currently receiving funding through WSGC, please email us with your query: nasa@uw.edu

Types of support you can request using this form

  • Supplies
    • Rocketry
    • High-altitude ballooning (HAB)
    • Other (within usual limitations — see below)
  • Facilities
    • Machining (e.g.: rocketry parts)
    • Launch
    • Event
    • Other
  • Direct participant support (e.g.: stipends)
    • Rocketry
    • Research
  • Technical assistance
    • Workshop (e.g.: career, coding)
    • Personnel time (e.g.: troubleshooting with Prof. Morgansen)

Types of support you cannot request

  • Food

How much lead time do you need to give us?

  • Supply requests = 3 weeks
  • Facilities requests = 1 month
  • Direct participant support = 1 month
  • Technical assistance = One business day minimum.

How to use the form

The form is set up very dynamically, with questions changing depending on the support options you request. The form does not support starting it and returning to finish it later. However, so that you can see what information you’ll need to provide before you’re ready to fill in the form, we have kept the form to just one page so that you can work your way through it clicking the options you need to see what information we request.

One project at a time

The form is project based, so you should request support for just one project at a time. For example: If you need a stipend to support a student on a rocketry project and you also need supplies for a HAB project, please complete the form twice — once for the rocketry project and once for the HAB project.

However, you may request multiple types of supplies for a single project with just one form submission. For example: If you’re planning a rocket launch event, you may need both a launch site (under “Facilities”) and some personnel (under “Technical Assistance”).

You can complete the form as many times as you need to as your needs for support arises — but do keep in mind our timelines for fulfilling requests. The more lead time you give us, the more successful your request will be!

Contact information

At the top of the form, we ask for someone to contact in the event that we have questions about the support request. Elsewhere in the form, you may designate a different contact person as appropriate. For example, if you’re having supplies shipped to someone else, or if you won’t be on-site for an event and wish to designate a student as contact.

Significant student support

“Significant support” refers to supporting students in a significant way. This can be number of contact hours on the project (160+), amount of funding ($3,000+), or a combination of those.

All students who receive significant support must be U.S. citizens and will be required to complete the student profile form. Once you provide the student names and email addresses, we’ll follow up regarding the form.

Support request form

Contact information

For this section, please note the affiliate or collaborative partner making the request and indicate whom we should contact if we have any questions about this specific support request.

About your project

Please use this form for one project only -- although you may request multiple types of support for that project. For example: If you're planning a rocket launch event, you may need both a launch site (under "Facilities") and some personnel (under "Technical Assistance").
Please give a brief description of your project (up to 150 words).

About the support you're requesting