/ February 23, 2023/

Every summer, Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium invites undergraduate students to get hands-on, in-lab experience doing research through our Summer Undergraduate Research Program (aka, SURP).

SURP offers students the opportunity to work in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics research position that will complement their studies. Projects are available in most fields of physical and natural sciences, engineering and earth sciences. Check out the SURP posters from our 2022 poster session!

SURP — for undergrads

You do not have to be an expert or have prior research experience in order to participate! SURP is your chance to get some hands-on research experience. You'll work under the guidance of an active researcher at the UW (a faculty member, postdoctoral scholar or research scientist). We have projects that are in-person, remote, and hybrid. This is a paid internship opportunity that will look great on your resume.

SURP — for faculty

SURP identifies capable students and matches them with faculty, postdocs or research scientists conducting research related to the student’s field of interest. Each faculty-student team will agree on a summer project that presents a meaningful learning experience for the student and contributes to the faculty member’s research efforts. Participating faculty are responsible for providing funding for part of their SURP student’s award.

SURP — for graduate students

For summer 2023, we have an excellent opportunity for UW graduate students to join us as graduate student leaders of SURP. This is a chance for graduate students to gain experience mentoring undergraduates while continuing to work on their own research. The time commitment is only a few hours per week, with the options to work in-person, remote, or hybrid.

For more information and to apply:
Deadline: 03/31/2023 23:59 Pacific Time