/ December 22, 2021/

WSGC offers funding through a competitive proposal process on an as-available basis. Opportunities are announced here as they occur.

Funding is awarded to proposals that align with WSGC’s mission:

Our mission, consistent with goals of the Federal Strategy for STEM education, is (1) to enhance higher education opportunities for students seeking to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) creating greater STEM literacy, (2) to enrich and improve STEM education at Washington’s diverse pre-college, college, university, and community learning centers using NASA STEM opportunities, and (3) thereby strengthen the future workforce for NASA and our nation. 

We will prioritize proposals that are aligned with this mission and seek to engage participants from historically excluded populations.

Proposals are generally accepted from WSGC affiliates in good standing, although we are also pleased to accept submissions from Washington state institutions not currently associated with WSGC. Instructions for non-affiliates are included in each announcement of opportunity.