/ December 22, 2021/

Internships and fellowships are intensive, hands-on placements that afford students the chance to get job-level experience while still in school. Washington Space Grant Consortium supports several types of internship and fellowship opportunities.

Programs at the University of Washington

NASA internships

We’re able to offer financial support to NASA interns from Washington state on a competitive basis. Internship placements are typically during summer and autumn. Recent interns have been placed with:

  • Ames Research Center
  • Glenn Research Center
  • Goddard Institute for Space Studies
  • Johnson Space Center
  • Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Stennis Space Center

Private industry internships

Industry internships place students with private sector companies in Washington state during the summer. Recent interns have been placed with:

  • Eagle Harbor Technologies
  • Starfish Space

University research internships

Research internships support undergraduates with placement in university research laboratories. These internships are currently available with the following Consortium affiliates:

Graduate fellowships

Fellowships are to graduate students, through competitive applications, at the following Consortium affiliates: