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Deadline: March 31, 2023


Undergraduate students who are attending a Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium affiliate institution, are in good academic standing, and are interested in research in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM fields) are eligible to apply. Applicants must be U.S. citizens (but do not need to be Washington state residents). As a University of Washington program, SURP has historically focused on providing opportunities for UW students (from any campus), with students from Consortium affiliate schools welcomed as space was available.

For 2023, WA Space Grant is able to nearly double our SURP cohort. Students from all affiliate schools are strongly encouraged to apply for the program — we anticipate having plenty of space for you! If you have any questions about applying, or you wish to schedule an appointment with our student advisor to discuss your resume, please email us at nasa@uw.edu.

Program dates

June 20 – August 18, 2023

Program requirements

  • Attendance at the SURP orientation meeting in June (time TBA).
  • Responsible adherence to the schedule of work set up between student and research adviser.
  • A written project abstract due at the end of the eighth week of the program.
  • Respond to requests for research project updates.
  • Attendance and participation in a weekly two-hour seminar meeting.
  • A 10-minute presentation to seminar participants on the student’s research.
  • An “action photo” of the student researcher working on their project.
  • A research poster summarizing the student’s project, due upon completion of the program.

SURP students will display their posters at the annual Space Grant poster session and will apply for acceptance to the campus-wide Undergraduate Research Symposium the following spring. The action photo may be used in any of the following (although the student may, of course, opt out): Slide shows on the WA Space Grant / UW Aeronautics & Astronautics television monitors, WA Space Grant (or the student’s home department) social media, or WA Space Grant promotional flyers.


The following materials complete the application process:

  • A completed SURP application form — due March 31, 2022
  • A current, unofficial copy of your transcripts
  • A brief resume outlining your skills and relevant activities

Questions should be directed to: nasa@uw.edu.

Application form

Your information

Please note: Space Grant awards are available only to U.S. citizens. You are not eligible if you have permanent residence ("green card") status or if you are on a visa.
Please select all that apply.
Please select all that apply.

Academic information

Area of interest refers to areas you are interested in studying in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics.
Please write about the research area that interests you and the goals you hope to obtain through student research (200-500 words).
Please briefly (in 50 words or less) summarize your skills and/or aptitude in the research area that interests you.
Please describe your computer and lab skills, including any computer languages and types of computer systems with which you are familiar.

Faculty mentor

Have you already arranged to work witha faculty member through SURP?

Resume and additional materials

Please provide a current, unofficial copy of your transcript and a brief resume outlining your skills and relevant activities.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Your resume should outline your skills, work experiences, and relevant activities.

Supplemental information

This information gives us a better idea about who is applying for our programs and how our applicants find out about Space Grant. Previous NASA experience is not a factor in awarding Space Grant scholarships and internships.
Have you participated in the Space Grant Summer Undergraduate Research Program previously?
Have you participated in the Undergraduate Research Symposium?
Are you currently doing research with a faculty member?