/ January 4, 2021/

Do I have to be a Washington state resident and a US citizen?

  • Yes.
  • For Washington state residency: You are a resident for our application if the University of Washington considers you a resident for tuition purposes. You may be living out of state and still apply.
  • For U.S citizenship: You must be a US citizen to apply. Permanent residents are not eligible. If you have applied for citizenship, please note this on your application. However, you must have received your U.S. citizenship by the time the scholarship is awarded.

Do I also need to apply to the University of Washington?

  • Yes. This is a separate application.
  • You do not have to be accepted into UW in order to apply for our scholarship. However, this Space Grant scholarship is for UW students only and is not transferable.
  • In order to receive your scholarship award, you must accept UW’s offer of admission and be officially enrolled for classes in autumn 2021. If you accept a Space Grant scholarship and then choose not to attend UW, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw directly either by email or letter.

If I did not attend high school in Washington state but the University of Washington considers me a Washington state resident, am I eligible to apply?

  • Yes, you are eligible to apply.

Do I have to have taken the PSAT, SAT and ACT?

  • No, the tests are not required.

Do the copies of my transcripts need to be official?

  • All transcripts must be official. A copy may be sent from your school via Parchment; our name in the Parchment system is “University of Washington WSGC.” Or a paper copy can be mailed directly to our office — they must be in a sealed envelope and sent directly from the institution to our offices.
  • All other application materials (essays, economic challenge statement and list of honors/activities) should be uploaded with your application unless you have prior approval from the Space Grant student advisor.

If I am sending transcripts to the UW’s admissions office, do I also need to send them to you?

  • Yes. We cannot access the information at the UW Admissions Office so a separate set of transcripts must be sent to us.

I just found out I won a scholarship from ____. Will that affect my scholarship?

  • It may affect the amount of your award. We need to know about any other scholarships and how those funds are disbursed. We cannot provide a tuition scholarship, for example, if you already have received a tuition scholarship from another source.

Does my application need to be completed in one sitting?

  • Yes. We provide all the questions in advance so that you can save your answers in another document (Word, Google Docs) and then copy/paste them into our application.

The University of Washington in not my first choice. Should I still apply?

  • Yes! This is a terrific opportunity and is not available to UW students after their enrollment so we encourage you to apply anyway while you are weighing your choice of schools.

Is this scholarship transferable to another university?

  • No. This Space Grant scholarship is for UW students only, though you may apply for the scholarship before receiving an admissions letter from UW.
  • If you accept a Space Grant scholarship and then choose not to attend UW, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw immediately by email, phone call or letter.