Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium prepares students for the workforce of tomorrow through experiences in education, hands-on research, and coursework.

Space Grant studentships and fellowships are offered to students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at WSGC affiliate schools throughout the state of Washington.

We also support research internships for students at colleges and universities statewide. Additional competitive internships are offered in private industry and at NASA centers across the country.

Internships & fellowships

Our STEM internships and fellowships provide hands-on, real-world experience to get undergrads and grad students to the next level.


Our studentships provide not only scholarship funding for undergraduates, but professional development to put an internship or fellowship within reach.

Supersonic Rocketry Research Program

Our rocketry program offers study and experience with various materials and airfoils associated with supersonic flight performance — AND you get to shoot it into the sky!

High-Altitude Balloon Research Program

Our high-altitude balloon (HAB) program is a chance for undergraduates AND middle/high-school students to engage in climate change science by using HABs to study dust profiles in Washington state over time.

CubeSat Technology Development Program

Our CubeSat program gives students, particularly undergraduate, the chance to get hands-on with space technology and space sciences by developing a small satellite for an actual mission.

K–12 STEM Pathways Support

Our STEM pathway supports pre-college students and educators across Washington through strategic programs run by WSGC affiliates.

Competitive proposals

Our competitive proposal program offers funding to Washington state projects that align with WSGC's mission.