/ August 16, 2022

Eight teams of college students will arrive on the University of Washington campus Aug. 19 to go to the moon – or at least a simulated version of it.

In 2020, UW received a nearly $500,000 grant to run one of NASA’s Artemis Student Challenges in which participants turn a model lunar lava tube into a habitat suitable for housing humans on the moon or Mars.

Six university-based programs were funded through NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement, which aims to build knowledge and introduce students to critical topics and technologies related to the Artemis program.

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission has a launch window of Aug. 29-Sept. 5 and will be an uncrewed test mission for a program that will eventually send humans to the lunar surface. Meanwhile, at UW, student teams will put their rovers through a lunar challenge course to generate maps, locate resources and seal off tubes as potential living quarters.

Please read the full article at UW News.

And join us Friday, August 19, 2022, to watch the teams put their robots to the test!