/ September 12, 2022

CWU's truly centralized location in Ellensburg gives it the perfect locale for high-altitude ballooning and rocketry activities. With clearer skies than Seattle, they're also well situated for astronomy.

Wildcat Rocket Team

Students in the WA Space Grant -supported Wildcat Rocket Club build and launch high-powered model rockets and payloads. The rocket team also outreach and competes in national rocketry competitions, such as NASA's Student Rocket Launch Competition, throughout the academic year. The team is open to undergraduate students of all majors. Follow the rocket team on social media (@wildcatrocketry) or email club advisor Dr. Snowden to learn more.

High Altitude Balloon Research

Space Grant supports student-led high-altitude research projects and participation in nationally coordinated ballooning events such as the Eclipse Ballooning Project. Undergraduate students interested in high-altitude ballooning should contact Dr. Snowden to inquire about upcoming opportunities.

Summer Astronomy

Space Grant Research Astronomy Fellowships support students utilizing CWU's 0.6 M observatory to do astronomy research, training workshops, camps, and outreach events during the summer months. Fellowships are available to undergraduates at CWU. Opportunities to apply will be advertised in the spring.

Institutional contact for WA Space Grant projects

Darci Snowden