/ January 11, 2024

Washington Space Grant Consortium (WASG) offers $1000 seed grants for teachers to enhance students experiences through project related to NASA’s priorities: Aeronautics, Exploration Systems, Mission Support, Science, and Space Operations. Application will open in March 2024


  • Middle and high school teachers, librarians, or STEM-learning coordinators serving at public schools with over 60% Free and Reduced Lunch students (Reference: National Center for Education Statistics database)

    • If your school’s free and reduced lunch rate is significantly different than what’s listed on NCES, please provide a brief explanation or documentation.

Examples of Possible Uses of Funds 

  • Learning and Leadership: Professional development STEM-related workshop or conference registration fees and associated travel costs.
  • Supplies and Materials: Start-up or seed-funding for new STEM learning supplies and equipment seed funding, STEM-related curriculum materials and books. 

Key Dates

  • Spring Deadline: May 1, 2024 @12pm

    • Award notification: Late May

  • Winter Deadline: January 8, 2025 @12pm

    • Award notification: Early February

Narrative (1 page limit)

  • What activity(s) are you proposing? List major milestones and outcomes. 
  • Include a brief timeline of program activities.
  • Describe students who will benefit from this mini-grant. If students are part of a selected group such as an extracurricular afterschool club, describe the recruitment and selection process to ensure historically underrepresented in STEM students are centered. 

Selection criteria

For this grant, reviewers will use the criteria below to score each application:

  • Advancing Equity: Provides opportunities to underserved communities such as low-income, first-generation students, and other identity groups as defined by White House Executive Order 13985.
  • NASA Mission Directorate Alignment: Space Grant Educator Mini-Grants are financially supported by NASA and require funded activities to have direct alignment with NASA’s priorities. For more info visit: NASA Mission Directorates.

Timeline and payment

If your proposal is awarded for funding, a stipend will be made within 60 days of selection.

Activities must be completed by May 31, 2025.

For more information and/or to apply: