/ April 1, 2024

Washington Space Grant Consortium (WASG) offers a fellowship program for graduate students studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics at the University of Washington Seattle (UW).

The Washington Space Grant fellowship program provides guidance for grad fellows to mentor undergraduates while advancing their research. Space Grant creates opportunities for graduate students to cultivate leadership and cultural competency skills. Activities will include professional development sessions, K-12 outreach activities, leading Space Grant undergraduates, networking with Space Grant affiliates across the state and contributing to special projects.


U.S. Citizen and Washington State resident.

Currently enrolled in a STEM graduate program at UW-Seattle


$9000. Awards amount will be distributed Fall 2024, Winter and Spring 2025

Key Dates

Deadline: April 29, 2024 @12pm

Award notification will begin in late May

Questions? Email nasa@uw.edu

To submit an application, have your four short essays prepared to copy and paste into our online application form. We are including our evaluation rubrics below. The review committee may reach out to your advisor for additional information.

Criteria Excellent (3) Satisfactory (2) Needs Improvement (1)
Commitment to DEIA Displays a strong commitment, understanding, and meaningful involvement in DEIA initiatives, contributing positively to the community Shows a reasonable level of commitment, understanding, and involvement in DEIA initiatives, with a notable impact on the community Demonstrates a limited or unclear commitment, understanding, or involvement in DEIA initiatives, with minimal impact on the community
Mentoring Provides personalized guidance and support, effectively address mentees’ needs and foster their personal and professional development Offers adequate guidance and support Provides limited guidance and support, potentially hindering mentees’ development

Essay Questions: 

Undergraduate students look up to you as a role model! What ideas do you have to foster a sense of community and belonging for Space Grant undergraduate students? (100 words or bullet points)

What programs or initiatives have you been part of that worked with students historically underrepresented in STEM including BIPOC, women, low-income students, and students with disabilities? (200-300 words)

This role requires you to work collaboratively with many undergraduates. If a student missed a meeting and did not respond to communication for 2 business days, how would you handle this situation? (150-200 words)

For more information and/or to apply:
Deadline: 04/29/2024 12:00 Pacific Time