/ December 22, 2023

Industry partners can engage with us to access a pool of diverse STEM students, which can bring several benefits to the industry.

  1. Access to a diverse talent pool: The Washington Space Grant Consortium provides access to a diverse group of STEM students. Engaging with this pool of students allows industry partners to tap into a broader range of perspectives and experiences, fostering innovation and creativity within their organizations.
  2. Access to specialized skills: Our students possess specialized skills and knowledge in their respective disciplines. By partnering with us, you will have students with expertise in areas such as aerospace engineering, computer science, physics, and more.
  3. Support for workforce development: Partnering with us supports the development of the future STEM workforce. By engaging with these students, industry partners contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of STEM professionals. This can help address the skills gap in the industry and ensure a pipeline of qualified talent for future employment needs.

Contact: nasa@uw.edu

For more information and/or to apply:
Deadline: 00:00